• Dave Norton, PhD


    Dave has been at the forefront of brand experience research and strategy his entire career. He was a pioneer in design thinking methodologies. He is the originator of the Mantel Method. His work on what makes an experience meaningful has helped many brand leaders to solve for both positioning and innovation challenges.

    In 2013, Dave founded the Digital Consumer Collaborative, an annual education and research initiative to help companies solve consumer behavior challenges in a digital age. He is the author of Digital Context 2.0.

    Dave lives in Colorado Springs, CO. He loves mountain bikes, soccer, skiing, and having a big family.

  • Bryan Searing

    Strategic Lead, Account Partner

    A highly trained leader and researcher, Bryan brings a wealth of marketing experience to his clients. As lead strategist and account partner for Stone Mantel, he is responsible for managing client services, leading research activities, overseeing insights development and handling project management.

    Bryan’s ability to design ethnographic and co-creation research methodologies is incomparable. His empathy and creativity help companies understand and develop experiences for their clients.

    Fluent in Korean and American Sign Language, Bryan loves his Jeep, his family, and gumbo—but not necessarily in that order.  He hails from Colorado Springs.


  • Michael Baskin

    Strategic Lead, Account Partner

    If you don’t have a point of view, how can you point your company in the right direction? That’s what Michael tries to instill into his clients. Think forward. Design. Differentiate. Years in the agency world have honed Michael’s brand experience skills. He believes strongly that experiences should deliver on the jobs that customers want to get done.

    Michael leads strategy and execution. He facilitates both groups and processes and ensures that deliverables go beyond your expectations.

    A Detroit guy, he likes cars, Michigan State, and vacations with his family.


  • Martie Woods

    Strategic Lead, Thought Leadership

    A passion for brands that keep their promises drives Martie’s thinking.  For thirteen years, before joining Stone Mantel, she directed the Customer Experience Center of Excellence at Deluxe Corporation, driving researchers, designers and methodology experts to discover new insights through the use of collaboration.

    In her role as a thought leader and strategist, Martie helps organizations differentiate their brands and guides them through innovation and customer experience strategy processes.

    Martie loves her family, her dog, her Minnesotan roots, and great books by the fire. She lives in St Paul.

  • Mary Putman

    Strategic Lead, Digital

    Mary loves to help companies transform. She has extensive expertise in digital, innovation, marketing, finance and strategy. She spent over 20 years at Hallmark helping to improve digital capabilities, customer experiences, product offerings and sales. She is a data geek and a fan of new agile operating models. With a passion for technology and developing talent, she enjoys bringing out diverse points of view to solve complex problems.

    Mary loves her family, sailing, disc golf, gardening, tennis and reading. She lives in Kansas City and enjoys the BBQ.

  • Joe Pine

    Strategic Lead, Thought Leadership

    You know Joe Pine. Everyone who knows anything about experience strategy knows Joe, the author of the most important books on experiences and the person most responsible for the Experience Economy.  Since 1993, Joe has delivered thought leadership to his clients par none.

    Joe thinks in frameworks. He’ll show you how to think in frameworks too. Whether through workshops, excursions, collaboration, or presentation, Joe introduces you to concepts about experiences that you would have never considered before.

    He lives in Minnesota. He loves the Packers, the Yankees, golf, and client projects in Europe. He and his wife are happy empty nesters.

  • Jaclyn DuPont

    Director, Collaboratives

    Years of experience have taught Jaclyn that a good program requires detailed planning, a great group of people, and really smart processes. Jaclyn is the engine behind the Collaboratives and other programs that Stone Mantel produces. Before joining Stone Mantel, she led the highly acclaimed global youth programs for Royal Caribbean International.

    Jaclyn loves to travel. She’s seen more corners of the earth than you have, most likely.  She and her husband call Keystone CO home, and, as you can imagine, get lots of visits from friends and family.

  • Zoe Bleak

    Research & Innovation Consultant

    Zoe makes every other member of the Stone Mantel team look smarter than they really are. (And we are pretty smart). From field work to administration, she keeps the gears moving. Zoe brings a Millennial’s touch to our insights.

    She and her husband live in Tennessee. She has a passion for great food, loves to travel, and loves the South.

  • Sami Norton

    UX Design Integration

    Sami is a creative thinker who keeps a cool handle on the details. She’s a designer at heart and loves to help brands explore their consumer’s thought processes. She enjoys designing technology to maximize user happiness and create seamless and efficient experiences.

    She lives in Salt Lake City where she enjoys snowboarding, wakeboarding, longboarding, and pretty much every other type of boarding.