The Mantel Method

Customer Centricity for Every Stage of a Business Challenge


1. Review with a Point of View

Over many years Stone Mantel has developed frameworks and principles that help you assess your current situation. When we assess your current strategy or experience we employ the best thinking about innovation, data analytics, brand strategy, and customer-centricity.

We focus on needs-based concepts and help you to see your marketing and product strategy in very different ways.


2. Find Experiences That Matter

Discover is about finding new needs that your customers have, exploring their journeys, understanding their lives, and charting new white space. We custom build our methodologies. We use ethnographic, action research, and digital ethnographic techniques to find new jobs to get done (needs), describe decision-making, and reframe the nature of the challenge.


3. Design the Experience

Rapid Co-Creation Turns Ideas into Concepts
Once we’ve helped you identify and frame the new opportunity, we work with your customers to generate new ideas for new experiences that turn the opportunity into meaningful experience concepts. Our Define process gets you to design concepts fast.

But concepts alone are not enough. Whether its customer journey or marketing strategy—whether you need to define your omni-channel approach or your next generation product description—you need details. The final step of our Define process is to write experience requirements. We walk you through a step-by-step report on how to build the experience for your customer. Together, we define what your custom report looks like.


4. Test for Time Well Spent

From quantitative validation of concepts to prototype development and pilot programs, we help you demonstrate to your stake holders the value and implications of the new solutions. We help you roll out the program and launch the product.


5. Create Cultural Capital

Execution. Do it. Make it happen. From boot camps to business models, we show your teams what it will take to go from current state to future plan. We help you get started as fast as you possibly can.

The Mantel Method is the most tested, most enduring design thinking methodology for meaningful experiences.

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